Dec 23, 2015

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Why a Logo Matter To Your Brand

Why a Logo Matter To Your Brand

We have probably mentioned this in a previous post, but we believe we cannot stress the importance of a logo to a business.  This time, we will focus on a brand.  With brand, we mean any product or person that intends to deliver a service or product and is a registered trademark.  This could be a small or large corporation, or even a person.  The first thing we are going to mention is that a logo immediately delivers a touch of professionalisms and really goes far into projecting your brand into the minds of potential customers or leads.

So, let´s discuss why is it important for your brand to have a logo. 

The very first thing that a logo does for your brand is that it helps people identify it.  When a logo becomes powerful enough, its only appearance on an advertising will make people evoke your brand.  This is something you want to reach for your brand.  The logo represents the personality of your brand, it tells people what you are about.

We are constantly being bombarded by information.  We have large articles and ads that promote products.  It is a bombardment of information everywhere.  Studies have shown that people will respond better to a nice image than to many words. How true is this today in a multimedia world that is mostly based on images!

Now, even when a logo is important for your brand, you must make sure it does not do all the talking for it.  There have been many studies suggesting how the design of your logo must talk about your brand.  While we do not disagree with such notion, we also believe that the products you offer and the quality of your services should do most of the talking.  Your logo is only a reflection of what you do, it is a hint to potential customers on what it is that you do and offer.  Yes, you can use all the psychology and expensive design you want, just make sure you live by that message you are trying to deliver with your logo.  This is very important.

Your logo will help you in this way to gain brand loyalty.  Deliver a message in your logo, one of trust and high skills for client/seller relationships.  A strong logo with a design that people can relate to will be able to get through.  Once this loyalty has been established, place your logo everywhere your brand goes.  This will allow customers to easily relate your brand with your logo.

Last, but not least, your logo is a proof of legal ownership.  It adds legal propriety to your brand.  It makes a letter or message to have the official connotation it requires. Basically, it is like a signature.  It goes a long way into helping customers taking you seriously.

Your logo is part of your marketing Vancouver strategy.  You should place it on strategic places and in this way, build it into potential customers eyes.

We can’t reinforce again that even when your logo is very important to your brand, the quality of your services is even more.  Honor your logo with your best service.

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