Oct 7, 2016

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Three tips for the perfect logo design

Three tips for the perfect logo design

The perfect logo is one that, in one image, can tell people what your service is about.  This is the part of your business that will stick to people.  It is ok to change your logo every certain amount of time.  This only shows that you are evolving with time to adapt to changes.  Logos no longer involve large clusters of images trying to explain a full idea.  Instead, most businesses go for the simplistic or minimalistic.  Therefore, logos must be effective at passing on messages.

When designing  your logo, there are certain elements and rules you should abide by.  These do not interfere with creativity but deal with visual appeal and success.  These are three tips for the perfect logo design.

Simplicity is bliss


You should not try to plaster your mission and vision all together in your logo.  This is where creativity is put to the test.  When it comes to logo design, simplicity is the best way to go.  Keep it simple.  Just take a look at the most popular logos you can think of.  Let’s take the Nike logo.  It is pretty simple.  However, when you see it, you immediately associate it with the brand.

When you keep logos as simple as possible, there are better chances for it to resonate with the audience.  A simple logo has better chances of looking good everywhere.  For instance, if your logo looks good on a poster but looks hideous in a mug, maybe you want to re-design.

Make it memorable


In order to make your logo memorable, make sure it resonates with your audience.   Now, there are several aspects to this. There are many colors that have some subconscious and cultural meanings.  Make sure you research a lot before hitting the table.  The type of logo that best fits a kind of business is also crucial.  Find out what is best for a restaurant, a firm of lawyers, or a real estate agency, for instance.

Your logo must be able to allow people to make the connection between the logo and the product or service.  This means that, even when the logo may evolve in the future, it should still hold its most basic design.  If your logo involves letters, for instance, even if you change it over time, stick to the font.  Shapes on your logo must be easily explainable.

Make it versatile

If a logo is versatile, it is guaranteed that it will become popular. So make sure your logo looks great everywhere, which brings us back to simplicity (as stated on the first tip).  A logo should be so versatile that it should look good even if you change its color over time.

Your logo will get you a long way in your business endeavors.  You might also want some business help to a successful enterprise.

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