Jan 22, 2017

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Why AY Tech went for a Simple Design

Why AY Tech went for a Simple Design

Simplicity is bliss, they say.  But then, simplicity is also creativity, as you have to be able to deliver effective messages through one simple image.  This is the work of a logo.  Be able to display the vision of a business in a sleek design that does not look overcrowded.  AY Tech was able to display their whole idea in one simple design with not too complicated design.

This is precisely the idea behind the simplicity of the AY Tech logo.  The following are the reasons why they decided to go this way:

Instantly recognizable

We live in a fast-paced world.  When a potential customer grabs a magazine, for example, he will quickly page through it with little to no interest in details.  The logo being advertised should be able to capture the eye of such viewer effectively.  A simple design that is eye-catching and has no major intricate details to remember will be better stored in the brain.  Although a light-bulb is a common icon, adding the essence of mobile apps into it provides a broader idea of what the company is about.  All in a glance.

It can be modified over time

Companies such as AY Tech are constantly changing and moving forward.  The logo must a testifier of such changes.  A refreshing of a logo becomes essential to the continuity of such company.  Keeping a simple design will allow AY Tech express through their logo what their business is about and make changes as they evolve.

Simple logos are more memorable

Once a consumer’s attention has been captured, the logo must be able to provide confidence of quality of service or products.  A complex logo might seem flashy at first but it will be harder for it to get printed in the memory of viewers.  An effective logo should be able to be embedded in our memories with a glance.

It is harder to counterfeit

As with any other business, there is competition, and this is good.   However, there are still people out there who will try to mimic your success through counterfeiting your logo.  Now, technically, if the logos are not exactly the same, it is all fine.  A fancy logo will have many details that counterfeiters can just tweak and claim it is different.  A simple logo with no major details will be more difficult to modify.

Easy to publish

You will place your logo everywhere.  Probably as a 5-ft decor on the lobby’s wall but also in notes, emails, employees shirts etc.  During the process, the logo size will be increased or decreased depending on the need.  A very simple logo is very customizable like this and details will not be lost in the printing.

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